Face to Face Teaching

The aim of face to face teaching is to engage students in targeted learning tasks to assist in their progress while they are unable to attend their enrolled school.
We bridge the gap between the student and the learning their peers are completing in their enrolled school.

Learning Online


Learning Online is offered for students with long term medical conditions that inhibit them from being able to attend their enrolled schools due to their health needs.

We use WebEx as the online platform to participate in face to face teaching sessions.

Students are involved in individual and/or group teaching sessions with their key teacher.
We also connect with student’s enrolled schools via Web Ex to keep them connected.

Book Buddies Program

We have a Book Buddies Program where children and students are read to by our volunteers. Each day volunteers take the Book Buddies trolley around to the wards and outpatient areas in the hospitals and read to children young and old. Give away books are also often available for children.

Connecting Kids

Maintaining class friendships and a sense of belonging to a student’s school community is important for all students, particularly those with a chronic illness. It also greatly assists students when transitioning back to school.
This program is adapted to suit different ages and individual interests.
For preschool and junior primary students connection with peers is through two identical soft toys retelling events to each other. Students select a soft toy from the Build a Bear website which is then purchased for them. One toy goes to the student’s enrolled school and the other toy accompanies them at hospital and home while they are away from school. The toy’s adventures are shared on the Seesaw app between Hospital School, enrolled school and the student.


Learning@Home involves activity packs being sent home each school holiday period to students who are having significant periods of time away from school due to their medical needs and treatment. The activity packs include a range of learning experiences. For Preschool and Junior Primary students it includes a picture book that supports Literacy and Numeracy activities. For Junior Primary and Primary students, additional readers, phonics, sight words, maths and inquiry-based research tasks are provided to consolidate the student’s learning that has been completed with their teacher in hospital.

Telepresence Robot Service

MissingSchool has been running See-Be The Robot Service, since 2017, with support from St.George Foundation. We place telepresence robots in willing schools to demonstrate that continuous two-way connection is possible between seriously sick children and their classrooms when they are absent, missing school.

If you would like any further information please contact the school or visit: https://www.missingschool.org.au